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My Body Stories Built Huskier
I have always been short with a very short torso and a bit chubby-- not enough to be "fat," but chubby enough to not feel comfortable in a bikini or revealing clothing. Everyone says they are "big-boned," but my family really does have big and bulky bones. We are built huskier and weigh more than anyone I know for our size. I have always been active and involved in sports: baseball, softball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, swimming, Taekwondo, basketball, and cheerleading. As an adult, I am thankful for this because today I can still run a mile in under 10 minutes and do the splits at 22 years old. As a young child I was thin. I was your average elementary school cutie. And then, one day, in fifth grade, a boy told me that my swim suit was too small and that I looked ugly in it. That's the exact moment that I first became completely aware of my body, and I realized that I hated it.
Naturally Super Skinny
I am 28 years old, 5'0", and weigh 98 pounds. Size 0 pants and xs shirts. I have been tiny since I was little. People always assume I'm anorexic or bulimic. But that's not the case, I'm just really naturally super skinny. I've always hated my body because I didn't look like the other girls, and it wasn't until I got older I realized that I'm just as beautiful as those other girls. Yes I love to eat! I'll eat the whole pizza to myself, double cheeseburgers, and all that. But it took stepping back and looking at myself completely in the mirror to realize I was beautiful. People still hurt my feelings when they make fun of me but guess what world: I Am BEAUTIFUL!    
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This site is here as an accurate reflection of what real women look like. All women.
A recent study found that 95% of non-eating disordered women overestimate the size of their hips by 16% and their waists by 25%, yet the same women were able to correctly estimate the width of a box.
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AGE N/A 5'8" 198 LBS PANT SIZE  16 SHIRT SIZE  XL body shape
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