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My Body Stories Still See My 180 lb Girl
I grew up in a part of the country where being overweight is commonplace. About a year ago, I moved to Los Angeles with big dreams and a bigger waistline than I wanted. I was 183 lbs. For my 5'7" frame it was a little heavier than healthy and working on set was miserable; the long days of lifting were near torture. Don't even get me started on the social pressures of being surrounded by models and actresses everywhere I went. I knew I needed to make a change if I wanted to achieve my career goal.
Skinny As Expected Norm
Being raised in an Asian household where being skinny just comes naturally and is an expected norm, I often heard how chubby I was compared to my cousins growing up. 10-year-old me usually brushed off these remarks, but I'm not 10 anymore. In high school, I noticed that my thighs touched and my stomach seem to flow over the top of my jeans. The summer before senior year I panicked: "I'm 105 pounds and senior pictures are in 2 months!" Begin the onslaught of counting calories and skipping meals.
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Here are some of the most popular posts and shares on our social media lately. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see more articles about body image and body positivity in your feeds. Join the comments and debates!
Guess the Weight Quiz Behind the Scenes
My Body Gallery recently launched a new website feature: the “Guess the Weight” quiz. In this game, users can test their capacity to determine body weight from a random selection of images that have been uploaded into the database. A player selects a weight, and then engages in 3 rounds of play. Each round features 5 images, only one of which is the target weight. At the end of the 3 rounds, players get their results and can view the images from all rounds.
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