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My Body Stories Mistaken for a Preteen
Society tells me my size makes me a bad person. I look in the mirror and I feel betrayed. I was promised breasts and curves and everything that comes standard to being a woman; I was promised that the bullying would stop when I got out of high school. Those promises were lies. Instead I'm 4'11", 43kg, flat-chested and resemble a slightly warped board. 
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Today is a bad day, all determined by the number on the scale. I am 48 and have struggled with eating issues throughout my life. At age 12 I had anorexia severe enough for mom to take me to the doctor. I was never overweight until the past 7 years, where a combination of factors, aging, metabolism, and medical issues...combined to a 40 pound weight gain. I am 5'6 and weigh 198 pounds. I struggle, I wrestle, I battle with my size.
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The Perils of Vanity Sizing
One of the most popular links on the My Body Gallery Facebook page recently was an article about J. Crew’s move to roll out a new women’s size “000”. The reason for such a change is not that women are shrinking (quite the contrary…average height and weight continues to steadily climb) but that clothing manufacturers have over the past decade been engaging in a practice called “vanity sizing”—psychologically manipulating customers into feeling better about their bodies by changing the measurements on garments so that women who have not changed weight need to size down in order to find clothes that fit properly. One outcome of this misguided practice is that women at the low end of the size range no longer can find clothes small enough!
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