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Image Upload Guidelines FAQ

Among the most common questions we get asked is: why was my photo upload rejected?

So we thought we'd put together this FAQ...

(And we'll update this with some picture examples soon!)

Things that will get your uploaded picture rejected:


Exposed nipples:

We appreciate that not all women wear bras, and we are HUGE supporters of projects like Free the Nipple and Bare Reality. However, female nipple exposure is still taboo in many places (especially in America), and so we will reject photos that show female nipples (this applies to nipples showing through sheer lingerie as well). You can use the handy dandy My Body Gallery anomyzation tools to block out nipples, use your own photo-editing software, or just strategically place your hands or some object over the area in question. And yes, we appreciate how incredibly hypocritical this is that can show nipples. We can’t change the world…yet.

Full-frontal nudity:

Sadly, as with female nipples, we abhor the fact that you can walk to your friendly neighborhood art museum and see the female form in all her naked glory, yet similar images on websites are considered inappropriate. Those darned “community standards” affect what we can approve for our website. We’re totally okay with straggly pubes peeking out (although in certain countries this is a problem). For anything more exposed than that, please have some sort of nether-region garment on or strategically place some creative prop to cover anything that might get us an “R” rating. Merely blocking out the genital region with a black blob will, unfortunately, not be sufficient.

Overtly sexualized images:

We are thrilled that many women discover a sexy side to themselves as they get more comfortable in their own skin and like to showcase that sexiness in their user uploads. However, sometimes these images cross a line into, essentially, porn. So please err on the side of “sexy” rather than “sexualized” if you would like to draw out this side of your personality via your pictures. Although it is difficult to dictate what is and is not porn, we do want to keep this a site that people can look at with their pre-teen and teenage children, so think about whether the image you are about to upload might be appropriate for that audience.

Not a wide enough camera angle:

We know how hard it can be to take selfies that show a significant amount of your body in the same frame, but My Body Gallery focuses on “the bigger picture” so to speak with respect to body photography. As such, we request that all uploads show at least 2/3 of the body. Images that stop at the waist will not qualify. A good rule of thumb is that your shoulders and hips should be visible in the photo.

So either have someone else take a picture for you; take a picture of yourself in a full-length or similarly large mirror; use a camera with a remote timer that you can put on a tripod; prop your mobile device up and use a camera-timer app; or otherwise get creative with your picture taking process! Note on our Instagram feed (@mybodygallery), sometimes less than 2/3 of the body is shown because pictures often need to be cropped to fit the square format; in these cases they are always indicated as cropped with a link to the full image on the My Body Gallery website.

More than one person:

If there is more than one person in a picture, it is impossible to tell to whom the stats apply. Although sometimes it’s clear that the other person is of another gender, and thus not the focus of attention, because we may unite the female and male databases into one cross-gender searchable option at some point in the future, we need to reject those images as well. We will make exception for children’s presence, in certain cases where they are not the focus of the image. We will also allow other people if far in the background blending in with the scenery, so to speak. We also make an exception for identical twins who are clearly the same weight/height.

We do allow images that have multiple views of the same body compiled together with editing software into one image. We not allow images in which those compiled images reflect different weights. Please upload different weight images separately.

A image focus not on your body but something else:

We are absolutely fans of My Body Gallery community members showcasing their hobbies, talents, interests, travels, etc. in your user uploads. However, your body should be the central focus of the image. Examples of non-body-focused images that will result in non-approval of your image: you holding up a sign advocating for some particular political cause (focus is on the message of the sign); screenshots from other websites tiled into an image mosaic with yours; clear product placement of some commercial product; etc.

Images that are not yours to upload:

Please don’t upload other people’s images. Because of things like copyright attributions, captions, etc. we can sometimes tell that the images are not yours. And note if we catch you doing this, it is grounds for suspending your account.

Images that are very dark:

Legibility of images is important, so images in which everything is a murky shade of dark gray will not be approved. Pull a lamp over to where you are shooting your images, stand under a streetlight, add flash, etc.

Bodies that are very tiny in comparison to the frame:

If your body takes up less than 1/9 of the frame of the picture (using the standard photographic “rule of thirds”), it is probably too small to be approved as it becomes very difficult for someone to discern the person, especially on mobile phones with their tiny screens. If you don’t know what the “rule of thirds” is, try adding one of the camera apps to your phone that let you add a grid to help you with photographic composition—these grids follow the rule of thirds. Note that you can always crop your photographs smaller to make your body more prominent in the picture; smartphones make this really easy in several ways offering photo zooming and cropping tools, as well as the capacity to just zoom in on an image and take a screen cap to create a new, tighter-focus image.

Submit Your Photos!
Calling All Real Women

The My Body Gallery project needs real Women! We need your help to develop the project and build a collection of photos that will help more women see themselves more clearly. Upload a picture of your full body. Our photo submission process also allows you to block out part of the image to protect your identity, if you wish. Please note that you must be 18 to upload a photo.

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