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You'd Be Surprised... Or Maybe Not.

I remember the first moment I was made to feel bad about my weight.

I was 6 years old and a boy at school told me I was fat. I went home that night and looked in the mirror with disgust - at only 6 years old.

Looking back I wish I could hug that little girl and tell her that she was perfect. That I am perfect. Sadly, I didn't learn that truth until much later.

My elementary through college years were spent scrutinizing over my body and obsessing over food. I was stuck in a ruthless cycle of starving myself and then binge-eating. My weight fluctuated, but my toxic mindset stayed the same, and I was miserable overall. And to add to that, I was being bombarded with messages from the media telling me my body was wrong. Weight loss ads, magazines, you name it.

You'd be surprised (or maybe not surprised) at how many companies profit off of women hating themselves.

As I lost weight, I never received the Nirvana that was promised to me. I was "skinny," but it didn't make me a better person. I had such low self-esteem, and my personality was stunted by my obsession with weight. It didn't make me Miss Popular, it just made me a shell.

As I entered college I started seeing a therapist and nutritionist -- I was exhausted, and needed help. Through years of counseling I've managed to slowly re-write the brainwashing that society puts (primarily) women through.

Do I still struggle with body image issues? Of course! But I'm a hell of a lot happier and healthy in my mindset when I started to appreciate that my body is strong and healthy, regardless of what size I am. And that (surprise, surprise) humans need to eat!

body image 46kg

This story is just one of many, but I hope it resonates with someone who is going through the same thing. I hope this website and story help you to find peace and acceptance with your body and yourself!


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