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When I was young I was really skinny.


I'm, 5ft3, weigh 150lbs, pant size 2 and shirt size L.

Like a stick. People used to worry about me being too thin.

Then I moved to a different country and I was stressed a lot, so I ate and I started gaining weight. I didn't care as much that I was fat. When I was young I was happy. Then came puberty and all my friends weren't fat, it made me feel ugly. My self esteem was very low and I kept eating and I gained more weight.

I'm a shy person and I care about what other people think about me and how I look.

I stopped wearing tight shirts and skinny jeans and I always wore big shirts and jeans.

My mom kept telling me I was beautiful but I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it.

Now I'm the fattest kid in my class, and I lied to everyone about my weight. I feel awful and I hate myself.

I sprained my ankle so I can't work out and we don't have a gym next to our house, so it's really difficult for me to workout and exercise.

I wish I could just starve for a week and lose all this weight. I could do that.


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