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This site is definitely an eye-opener on how different we all are, even at the same height and weight!


My jean size seems to be out of the norm here and on the high side but that doesn't surprise me. ( 5'4, 145 pounds and a size 12. ) I am a quintessential pear. When I lose weight, it very grudgingly comes off my lower body. My bone frame is medium on top of that too so I'm hippy.  Sometimes people joke or comment insensitively about the size of my butt. It hurts a little, though not the way it used to.  

In high school, I  used to spend  hours and hours exercising per day. Dance classes, weight training, cycling. Skipping meals in a misguided effort to lean down. But I was not a size two. Or four. Or even a six or an eight. The last time I was less than a size ten was right before I hit puberty.  

And hit it did. Rapid weight gain, big purple stretch marks. It was a bad summer to be eating too much fast food, candy, and soda.

My mom's idea of making sure to eat breakfast, to this day, is to stop by Burger King. My brother too. They eat anything and everything and still maintain their skinny physique. Actually, sometimes their problem is that they LOSE weight from eating too unhealthy, as opposed to gaining.  Wow, not me. At least I learned from it.

Fast-forward to now and I think I am a lot more comfortable in my skin.  The stretch marks faded. I still swing between the same sizes  as high school depending on how healthy I am. ( And despite some particularly crazy diets. )

I still get those 'big butt' comments but overall, I like my body. I have trouble spots like every person does. Perhaps I am not the slender ballerina I had hoped to be at one time but  my fitness goals now are more about toning the curves I have rather than trying in vain to be rid of them entirely.  

Besides, my boyfriend thinks that the size of my butt is my biggest asset!! Haha no pun intended ;) ...Yeah, he is a keeper. :)


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