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Hi! My name is Christen.


I am 19 and have always struggled with my weight. Here lately I have reached the heaviest point I have been, around 190lbs. When I was first weighed and realized I had let myself go, I instantly felt ugly. For the past few months I kept on saying "I want to lose 80 lbs". I was so depressed because it felt unreachable.

I started looking at pics of people on here at the weight I wanted to get to and my height and realized that isn't what I needed so I tried putting in my age height and weight and size and looked at the pictures they all looked similar sized as me so I realized I'm not the only one who looks like this. I also thought to myself "These girls don't look fat".

Now I am just trying to be more healthy and not obsess over the number on the scale. I got my confidence back because of this web site and set a realistic goal. Thanks for all who contribute!


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