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I was always very thin in high school and never really thought I was until I looked at pictures a few years later... I had wide hips and big boobs, curves that I mistook for "fat" when I should have appreciated my fantastic figure and nice legs.


At 5' 8.5", I weighed about 140 when I graduated high school 6 years ago and am now working my way down from 170.

The last time I had weighed myself I had weighed around 150, so seeing 170 was quite a shock even though I know it is not that heavy for my height.

I have reached 160 over the course of 4-5 months by a change in diet alone and am comfortable with my body. I am confident that losing the weight slowly will mean I will keep it off. I have added short exercise into my routine, but I ABSOLUTELY don't starve myself... I would much rather carry around a few extra pounds and allow myself small treats like OREOS and bites of ICE CREAM!

I do not ever expect to get back to 140 because of the very active lifestyle I led, but will be satisfied if I can stay under 160 for most of my adult life. It's all about feeling good!


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