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It all started when I hit my teens; body fluctuating, hormones, everything every girl hates at that age of 13.


I had a cousin, she was perfectly structured, in my eyes. Even at 16 being tall, blonde, beautiful, skinny. Everything I wasn't. She hit 100 pounds for the first time last year when she turned 19.

Anywho, she was beautifully skin and bone and everyone wanted her. My natural competition made me want to be just as small. So I started puking my food, skipping breakfast, the normal teenage phase.

Well I moved to Texas and lost a bunch of weight from the stress of being somewhere new. I finally thought I was loving myself.

Well junior year came, the parties, drugs, and boys were introduced to me. I thought I was living the high life. Being skinny, going to parties.

Then my cousin came to live with us ... And it started all over again. We both got heavy into drugs and they in turn had a habit of making us not hungry, we'd go days without eating.

I had horrible body issues, I dropped down to 100 pounds. It was terrifying now that I reflect. Well my cousin stopped eating for three months and they hospitalized her for anorexia. I couldn't do anything, they stuffed her full.

Well she left and I got back into my depression and gain 25 pounds. I wanted to die. I felt disgusting. I started up exercising and limiting to 500 calorie intake a day. And dropped back down to 110.


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