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Family Pressure

I've been struggling with my body type and weight for as long as I have lived.


I weigh 74 kgs, my height is 170 cm.

I was a pretty normal kid, but I started eating emotionally…and I got to 89 kgs when I was 16 years old. I went on a ketosis diet, eating nothing more than protein powders. I was pushed by close relatives to lose weight, with them paying for expensive treatments to help me. That help soon turned into an obligation, and I started my long lasting affair with self harm. 

I couldn't see that I WAS NOT losing weight, it would drive me crazy. So I turned to bulimia for an extra help. I lost 18 kg in less than 90 days.

Some time after all those events, I could make my relatives understand that their pressure was harming me, that I felt guilty for making them spend money on me. And from there on I started to take care of my own body. Today I weigh 74 kgs, far from a healthy weight, but manageable. Now I'm on a journey to get to my goal (62 kgs!) which is alright for my height (170 cm).

This website shows me healthy examples of what a normal woman is like, and I'm really happy that I can see what I will look like when I succeed in my weight-loss journey!!!


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