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I am 20 years old.


I am currently in between size 9 and 10.

I am a mother to a 19 month old little girl. I used to feel like my body was completely ruined, but I finally had to love myself for the way it was.

Prior to me becoming pregnant at only 17 years of age, I was a size 4 in jeans perfect body. No love handles no belly. Hour glass shaped body. I was also a child.

After having my daughter I became a size 14!!! I slowly lost weight and I am currently in between size 9 and 10. I have love handles and a little pudge..... With wonderful stretchmarks. I wouldn't trade it for anything though.

I just have to start pushing myself if I don't want to look the way I do. But right now I am focusing on my daughter and my husband and that is all I care about. I am satisfied with how I look in the mirror because my husband of 2 years calls me beautiful everyday. God gives us gifts and makes us into WOMAN.


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