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For Once In My Life

I never really hated my body until my ninth grade boyfriend pointed out that I had big thighs.


Height: 5"8, Weight: 135, Pants size: 4, Shirt size: S, Body type: pear

Choosing to be a fashion major - seeing girls with perfect bodies all day - didn't help either.

Now at the age of 18, I find myself working out during all my free time throughout the day, whether it be at the gym or in my bedroom. I take three different types of diet pills continuously throughout the day. Twice a day I rub cellulite cream on my ass because apparently that feels the need to appear when you turn 18. And to make things even better I've started to become bulimic; making myself puke whenever I get a full feeling in my stomach.

Are you happy, society? Are you happy, everyone who ever felt the need to say 'oh, you could drop a few pounds'? Because I'm certainly not. I hate the fact that my life has become encompassed by my body image, and I hate the pressure that I'm under every day to be thinner. For once in my life I just want to be happy with the way I look...


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