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Hypothyroidism Sucks

Hypothyroidism sucks.


Now I'm 17 and 145(5'4)

At age 8 I was 120. At age 12 I was 200(5'3). At age 15 I was 137(5'3.75. Now I'm 17 and 145(5'4). (BWH 36-28-39)

I was diagnosed with hypo- when I was 12, at my heaviest. I was bullied and I never understood why I was heavier than everyone else and why I everyone made fun of me. Being heavy in America is hard. Everyone hates you. You face discrimination everywhere you go. People forget how young you are.

Through diet, and exercise I lost up to 67 pounds(and grew an inch)

People treat me better, I feel more confident. I can walk farther, run faster, do more things. Life is good.

I still want to lose weight. Mostly through being healthy. I want to be 130. Which is 15 pounds away (and 3 months).


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