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I Am Beautiful

I am beautiful.


I am beautiful. I will not change because I am told. I will not be something I have never been. I will look in the mirror and see beauty.

My flaws are my personality. Every scar, every blemish and oddity a mark of who god made me. My stretch marks say I am a woman. My wrinkles say I smile and laugh. My eyes say I love, My lips say I have loved. My hair shows the signs of being touched held, caressed, blown by the wind, admired, And put through a million treatments because it wasn’t good enough. I have been compared to a model, I have ben compared to a whale. I have been called a rhinoceros, and I have been called Marilyn Monroe. I will never listen again to those who tell me I am not good enough, Or I am to fat, To weak, To short, To ugly, To loud, I am me. And beautiful. Or not. I will never change. God made me this way, and I will strive to be healthy. Not skinny, not thick, not curvy. I will be the best me I can be and no more. And I will believe I am beautiful. I will believe I am good enough. Because god made me, and he made me for a purpose. If my purpose isn’t to be a model, some other girls is. If my purpose isn’t to be a singer, some other girls is. If my purpose isn’t to be an orator, some other girls is. If my purpose isn’t to be a lawyer or a doctor or anything else we all have aspired to be then someone else is. And I will find my place soon enough Because he made me a work of art. And I am beautiful. One way or another. I am his creation.

I am 5'3 and 140 pounds... a swimmer with a lot of fat and a lot of muscle.


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