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I Am Proud

I'm only 19.


For most of my life I absolutely hated what I looked like. I was tormented in grade school for being larger than other girls because I entered puberty very early, and therefore experienced body changes that no other girls had.

I then went to an all-girls high school where the vast majority of girls were a size six and below. I stuck out as the "big" friend.

Finally, when I entered my first year of college, I realized that people really do love you for more than what you look like. I got tired of hating myself, and I am now proud to show my body.

I understand that a size 10 is normal, not big.

Sure, every now and then I have my days where I want to change, and I don't mind losing a little here and there. But I am beautiful, and I am proud. And I couldn't ask for any more.


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