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I Do Not Need The Guilt Of Being Human

I'm only 18 and throughout my short life I've always had problems with myself and my weight.


I've been 6 stone and 12 stone and no matter what I am I can't stand my body. My biggest critic is myself and I know my ideal weight is directly in the middle of that, but I care too much about what people think.

I exercise like crazy and binge every single day upwards of 3000 cals. This website has helped me to reassess that there is no such thing as perfection. I will always want to look different. That doesn't matter, because I need to work on how I feel. I want to hide constantly, like I don't deserve to leave the house. Being weighed at school is embarrassing and most people in society always have a label, and all it spells is guilt. I don't need the guilt of being human, I've paid my price.  I know it's time to repay the debt of respect I am due.  I need to feel I'm worth something and find myself again.


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