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I Have Stopped Listening

I have struggled with my weight since I was a little girl.


I started gaining weight rapidly when I was 10, now 14 years later I'm still gaining weight.  After medical conditions, I have decided that once and for all I'm going to do something about my weight. A lot of people always say to me that I'm fat, ugly and some times even useless, BUT I've stopped listening to what they say. The only person who can judge me is myself.

If it wasn't for the fact I didn't want to have the same health conditions I recently had, I would have stayed the same way as I am now. I'm completely content with the way I look. But the pains I went through because of my size and being told I have less chance of certain things happening in my life because of the previous health conditions has made me change the way I see things. I want to lose weight for me and my future, not for others. I'm going to struggle to lose the weight. I believe in myself that I can do it, and I also believe in all of you that are currently trying to lose the weight. No matter what we're all beautiful!


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