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I Will Always Be Me

I was super skinny as a child.


Growing up in Zimbabwe, I was always very active and didn't eat that much. Body image was never a problem at all. Then I hit puberty and put on a bit of weight. I didn't take much notice really. When I was 16 my family moved back to the UK, my parents got divorced and so much happened in a short few years. I went up to 10st and a size 14. Not a crazy amount but my whole family were all skinny (apart from my dad :P), so I just felt really depressed and miserable. From 16-20 I tried all sort of diets/exercise but none worked because I never gave them a chance... But I finally felt determined after we booked a family holiday back to Zimbabwe, and I knew I wanted to wear a bikini :)

I got down to 8st 4 and managed to stay at the weight for a few years very happily! Unfortunately shortly after getting married I started to put weight back on (a combination of stress due to leaving home and getting a new stressful job.) But I know that I can lose it again :) I am now back on a work out routine and eating healthier. I bet that I will always struggle with my weight but hopefully in the future I will be able to find other ways to cope with my stress other than comfort eating :) And I will always be me :) And I kinda like who I am. Fat or thin.  


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