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More Confident

I do not love the way I look.


But I am happyish with my current weight. I am working on making myself look better with exercises and whatnot, but nothing really works. And I can never stick to routines.

Looking at these pictures, I see that I look what they look like, but that is not what I want to look like.

I have never been teased about my weight, but my sister is about a year and a half older than me and has such a better body even though she is only a few pounds lighter. I don't want to continue comparing myself to her, but I want to be able to know that I can feel comfortable around her.

I do so many sports and eat healthy most of the time, but I am not toned, just flubby.

My confidence has been shaken because of the negative thoughts that go through my mind every time I see someone skinnier than me.

Losing or toning my legs and belly area is just my goal, but I really want to change my lifestyle by being more confident and happier with who I am and who other people see me as.


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