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More Than My Body

I'm a sophomore in college currently.


I have a fast metabolism  and I am very skinny. I am the only girl in my family other than my mom. I am Autistic so I prefer to buy clothes a size bigger than necessary. I eat healthy but also enjoy junk food in moderation.  

I went through a phase of watching my weight carefully in my freshmen year of college.

I had a weight gain phase about four months ago when I worked a restaurant but it was only because my co-workers and managers told me "You're so skinny, honey. You need to put on weight."  The weight gain was through unhealthy eating habits.

I always thought I was too skinny growing up. I loved the way my hips had grown during my weight gain so when I ate healthy and lost the weight off my hips, I was kind of sad.

I try to love my body and realize I am more than my body.


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