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My Shape

As with most women, I have been self conscious about my body for my whole life.


Even when I was 12 years old I was worried that I was too fat, and not pretty. Eventually I just accepted that my body would never be where I wanted it to be and especially not how society wanted it to be--- I enjoy food, a lot.

One day I just got  fed up with being self conscious and embarrassed by my body and put away the cookies and lattes and started eating clean and exercising. I am running my first half marathon in a month and could not be more excited. I am by no means skinny, or light, but i have the power, dedication and motivation it takes to run 21.5k!

I am no longer embarrassed by my body--I love my curves. My body is my temple, it's the only one I've got so I fuel it with good food to keep it running in prime shape-- MY shape.


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