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Not Quite Healthy

I found this site looking to see pics of other women my height and weight because I think I am delusional about my body image.


5'5 and 165lbs a couple months ago when I last weighed myself

I want others to compare to!

People always tell me I'm skinny being 5'5 and I was 165lbs a couple months ago when I last weighed myself. I've lost nearly 3 inches since that weigh in (around my waist) but I am still not feeling ready to check the scale.

I think people tell me I'm skinny because they are comparing me to my old self who was 340 lbs. I've lost so much weight without surgery, so a lot of people see me as their inspiration. But when I look at myself..... sometimes I think I'm beautiful and nice size. Sometimes I think I'm a fat heifer! I'm really leaning towards fat heifer most days!!

And I just don't know when enough will be enough. When will I finally be able to say "I love my body"? I also constantly wonder how I would look and what I would weigh if I didn't have loose skin. It hangs off my arms, thighs and stomach.

Losing weight is the best thing I've ever done, yet somehow I think my mind isn't quite healthy.

And like I stated above, my body image (of myself) is questionable. I always wonder if I saw a girl with my same exact body, would I think she is fat or skinny?


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