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One Pound Short

So, after a few months, 20 pounds down and many refused occasions out due to lack of self control, I am here.


151 pounds.

I crash dieted for months, exercised, did so many belligerent things to be under 150. I am now 151 pounds exactly. I have stopped one pound before my goal, why? Because I started an addiction and I didn't know where I would stop. I've always been a strong girl, I can easily bench press 140 pounds, I guess its a mixture of Scandanavian and German genes. People see me, and assume I don't weigh more than 140 even when I was almost 180, and that's because my weight isn't too much fat as what I have learned, I have more muscle in me than any normal person.

So I was listening to my friends complain how they've hit 145 and complaining how fat they look one day, and truthfully, as sad as it is to say, they did look bigger, because it was their body type... I don't have any immediate goals to do anything drastic, or even change anymore, I just want to be happy and not excessively count calories, refuse any alcoholic beverages or push myself to the limits again. Love yourself, and do what you can do to make that happen. I realize I may never be 'skinny' but what is more important regardless of size is proper fitting clothes, a nice outfit can lift anyones spirit.


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