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Proud And Healthy For My Children

I'm currently 33 years old--I'm 5'8 and 143 lbs.


I'm 5'8 and 143 lbs

I have struggled it seems with weight since I was about 8 years old. At 12 I started dieting, and everyone telling me how beautiful I looked boosted my confidence.  Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone guiding me the right way with this diet, and by 14 years old I dropped down to 86lbs. After that I wasn't allowed to see the # on the scale.  I know I was at 80lbs when I over heard my mom taking to my Aunt on the phone. My weight went up and down my teenage years.

At 18 my husband and I had our first daughter. I gained 60lbs, but I wanted to be healthy for her. 3 months after I had her, I kicked into gear and lost all the weight and then some. I felt awesome. I was about 120 lbs. I've stuck with exercise for the past 14 years now, of course here and there slacking a bit.  I've had 3 more children over the years. I'm 143 now as I've said, and some days I still see a chubby person. But I am happy the way I look, and I'm proud that I'm healthy for my children!


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