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I have BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder) because in the past I was heavier (not fat to a doctors standards, but to people who like to critique something that is not perfect) and people would make sly comments.


I'm 17, 5'8 and 139 pounds. Shirt- S-M, Pants-4-6

Now I'm at a healthy weight but I still feel grossly fat and like I'll only be happy at 120.

Some days I have good days when I see that I'm average but then I'll see a perfectly skinny girl on tv and it triggers me.

I blame society and magazines for seasoning us and many other young women to look a certain way. It all happens subconsciously but in today's society the skinnier you are the better. I hope one day we can overcome this but if in a world that a size 6 is plus size it'll only get worse.


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