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Growing up I was a chubby kid.


I am 5'4" and 148 lbs

Not obese but chubby. In grade 12 I lost weight for graduation and gained it back afterwards. I've done the same as an adult. My weight has always fluctuated.

I am 5'4" and have been as low as 128lbs and as high as 175lbs. No matter what weight I've been, I've looked at myself and said "I'm fat".

As an adult woman, I am shapely and now weigh 148lbs. I have nice curves and a flat stomach but still tell myself daily that I'm fat. It's unhealthy, but more than being the thin person I would like to be, what I want most is a healthy attitude. I want to love what I've got and have a healthy body image.

I'm the first to appreciate a curvy woman's body so why can't I appreciate my own? That is what I want to strive towards.


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