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I've recently lost some weight after gaining a lot of weight pretty fast. 


I am 26, 5 ft 4, 142 lbs, size 6 pants and medium top. I think I am pear shaped mostly because my breasts are small and my hips are wide.

I went from 120 to 180 in about a year. I found out I had celiac disease, which normally causes weight loss, but in my case my body was hoarding fat to make up for the lack of nutrients it was absorbing.

As soon as I started eating right for my body, I started losing weight. I've been around 140 for about a year and I'm pretty okay with it, although I wouldn't complain if another 10 lbs started to melt away. I am about to start a 2 week ab challenge to see if I can get this tummy lookin' better in this bikini.

You can't really see here, but I have most of my back covered in tattoos and a few smaller ones too. Getting tattoos for me was kind of a way to take charge of my body in a way and if I have to show the world my body at the beach I feel like the tattoos are a buffer between others and my real body.

I am most self conscious about my stomach and my deep, high belly button and like my legs and my high waist the most.


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