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The Same Battle

So, I have been battling with body image since I was young.


I dealt with a lot of emotional stress that fluctuated my weight constantly. I was always the "fat" friend that loved to eat everyone's food. No guys wanted to go out with me and I was the wallflower.

When I hit my junior year of high school, I started dating a guy who didn't make me feel any better and I started battling mild depression and anorexia. Within a few months of dating, I had dropped 40 lbs drastically. I was in an unhealthy state. My hair was falling out, I was lethargic and barely stayed away during my morning classes, and I was still unhappy. Throughout our almost 2 year relationship, I lost more weight than I gained and I hated eating.

Thankfully, we broke up and I not soon after found my future husband. He had undergone similar weight issues such as myself during high school and never came to a healthy weight until after he joined the military. He was the first guy that said that my breasts were a perfect size, or that my large butt turned him on. I had never felt so sexy before and proud of my body.

Now, ladies! Not saying you need a guy to show you how beautiful you are, but I do understand what media and cruel people can do to your psyche and the way you perceive yourself. I still see myself larger than what other people see me as because those words and phrases don't just go away. I love you all without having to know you because I know if you're on this website and looking at my stories among others, we are all fighting the same battle...against ourselves.


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