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Too Late

I've been overweight for my entire life.


I'm currently 16 years young. Just recently I have been having an extremely difficult struggle with myself mentally; this past summer I have started eating less and healthier, exercising everything. It's all fine, and my goal was not to lose a bunch of weight but to gain better health, as I thought I had accepted myself for what I was.

Lately I've been obsessing over my diet, and calories. Trying to eat less and less.

I didn't even see it happening until one night in bed I was dreaming and I woke up and realized EVERY dream I'm ever in, I picture myself VERY small.

I cried, because I'm ashamed of myself and my weight... I don't want to develop an eating disorder... but I fear it may be too late and have already started to. So right now I am just trying to focus on school and keeping confident.


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